single will

What is a Mirror Will?


A mirror Will is specifically created for couples (usually a wife and husband or those in a civil partnership) with similar wishes to make almost identical wills, allowing them to:

  • The couple can nominate each other to be the initial executer but it is highly recommended for them to have a reserve executor who will deal with their estate when they both die.
  • They can name who they both wish to benefit from specific possessions or gifts.
  • Name who will benefit from their estate.
  • Nominate appropriate Guardians to look after their children that are under the age of 18

When writing Mirror Wills it is of paramount importance to add at least one additional executor and beneficiary to each Will to ensure the estate goes to the correct beneficiary in the event that you both die together. The second executor and beneficiary can be the same person in both Wills, or you may choose to have different executors.